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Mad Woman with Crazy Tendancies

I live in my own little world but that's ok they know me here

3 January 1956
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I never want to be considered normal or average. That said in some things I am frightening normal and average. I have wicked sense of dark dry humour. I have been saved many times by my imagination - this is especially true for my working life - where it is possible to lose the will to live(I work in a call centre). Well I did ask for a 40 hr. working week with no heavy lifting where I could utilize my ability to talk and within a week I had a job (be careful what you wish for). It can’t be too bad been there nearly 13 years. A bonus is I get paid a shit load of money that allows me to indulge my obsessions.

I have been writing just about my whole life starting with the original Star Trek. I have files of next Gen stores all 'Mary sues' (OMG) and I promise I will never publish them. Have novel in development and have delusions that one day it might even get published.
I occasionally suffer delusions of adequacy and competency that I can actually write.
I have a lifelong passion for all things science fiction - was first generation to see the first episode of DR Who (bloody amazing) never stopped watching.
Love Military history ,esp. WW2 Russian and Pacific Campaign.
Hate all prejudice and intolerance on any level.
Burning passion for all learning and knowledge.
Moderator for the 'Stop Plagiarism' community on LiveJournal
Am Bi sexual.

Have two Grown up children and one wonderful grandchild.

Love hugs and long may anarchy and chaos rule.